Everyone Deserves Digital...Right???

Imagine leaving your home early, wearing a face mask and gloves as you head to your local credit union branch. Upon arrival, you see your fellow members wearing their own PPE and standing six-feet apart to keep a safe distance next to a red hashmark on the sidewalk,  while waiting their turn to be called forward to access their accounts and services.

This is the reality for many of the Caribbean’s credit unions, where approximately 80% operate without digitization. With a national emergency declared in many of the nations throughout the region, many credit unions have only been allowed to be open two days a week for a limited number of hours per day. Too many members standing in line waiting are seeing their credit union branches close before they can even get in, putting an additional layer of stress on the daily challenges they face.

Learn more about Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Everyone Deserves Digital campaign by reading Executive Director Mike Reuter's entire post, written for

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